Shadeports are uniquely designed hip-roof shade that provide low-maintenance and cost effective UV protection. The hip-roof frame has a natural strength inherent by design, allowing for minimal member sizes while still maintaining durability. Shadeports can also be joined together by sharing common support posts, which together with its robust design, forms a very affordable shading solution. These features make the shadeport a perfect fit for a wide variety of external applcations.

Outdoor play and learning is important for a child’s development and by using practical and economical shading, they can enjoy the outdoors without the adverse effects of the sun. Using Z16 Shadecloth in Desert Sand with Charcoal Satin frames, the shades complement the new centre, providing years of trouble-free shade and UV protection.

Shadeports are available in a number of configurations with square, rectangular or hexagonal formats. Shadeports are ideally suited for shading large areas with minimal posts.

Multiple Shadeports can be linked together to shade large areas and are perfect for playgrounds or assembly areas. They can be linked in line, L Shaped or multi-square format. Frames can include rafter overhangs to reduce the risk of vandal damage.