Outdoor Blinds

Sometimes known as external or exterior blinds, outdoor blinds Australia help create a comfortable outdoor living space by providing privacy and shade. In addition, they add a unique, aesthetic appeal to a home and allow one to enjoy afternoons on a patio by blocking out heat. These types of blinds are available on the market in different types, styles and designs.

External blinds can be made from a host of materials including vinyl and fabric. Vinyl is high-tenacity polyester with a shiny finish that ensures resistance to both aging and pollution. It is available in translucent (allows influx of high level of natural light) and heavy duty opaque (blocks out light).

There are different types of fabrics used to make outdoor blinds Australia. One is acrylics fabric which covers the majority of weather conditions and is mainly suitable for environments with high humidity or rain. Another type of fabric is mesh which is available in different grades from a 90% block out to 98% block out. With this fabric, the view is still maintained, but you have the privacy.

You can find straight drop blinds which aren’t sealed and are typically used by people who want to keep their walls or decorative posts free from tracking. These blinds can also be used in areas like pathways where you don’t want to protrude to the outside access area. Wire guided blinds offer style, control and functionality and can be used in areas with limited access or space for securing the blind’s bottom. They are not also sealed to posts but they have a wire to help guide in retracting them.